How to make $5000 a day


King David here 5k a day

I made $5000 yesterday and I’m going to show you how you can too..

But before we get into exactly what I’m doing let me give you a bit of my background so you know where I’m coming from

I started off like most kids not liking school and people told me enjoy school cuz when I grow up work is going to suck… then in the same breath they would tell me do good in school so I could get a good job work my entire life and retire when Im old

Well didnt you just say work sucks!?!? So why would I want to work my entire life?


So I didnt “buy in” to the “program” of 9-5 for 50 years .. retire when your too old to enjoy it and die… I kind of had a problem with authority because authority figures were telling me stupid shit like that.. which I wasnt feeling…

Fast forward several years.. I dropped out of school .. got fired like a dirty dog from my job working construction and was homeless living on my friend Ulysses Gomez’s couch at his MOMS house..

So I went from THAT to .. learning how to market myself which took me from living on his couch… to fighting on National TV …and recently got an option deal for my own reality show..

Anyway I made $5000 yesterday which is something I’ve done before on several occasions but its still a big change from sharing a couch with my friend’s pitbull Penelope in the back of his mom’s house with no AC in Vegas summer…

And to clarify… every other time I made $5k in a day had something to do with fighting or sponsors etc…

I also own a site called . Its is a site where I make money when people buy products that teach them how to market themself in MMA and BJJ and get paid.. the most Ive made on there  so far is $989.95 in a day .. which is still good for not “working” and basically training full time and going on adventures all day..

Heck I was just in London cornering Ulysses for his fight in UFC and we finally got wifi in our room after 3 days of no internet no phones and I looked at my email and I had a notice that I made $197 that morning.. while we were eating breakfast in a foreign country lol

Anyway 5 grand is over five times more $989,95 and I’d rather make 5k a day so here’s the plan ..


Which is all fine and good but heres the issue RichFighter is helping a lot of people get more sponsors and fights and make money in the sport they love .. I want to help people be able to quit their job train full time so they can enjoy their life NOW instead of when theyre too old to enjoy it… BUT CREATING AN ENTIRE WEBSITE AND TRAINING PROGRAM IS A LOT OF WORK LOL

I’ve been workin on the bitch for over a year now!  LOL and yeah I’m scaling it up and on track to do 2million with it within the next 12months but dam it took me a lot of headaches and trial and error to get it to that point!


So thats a big problem!! Hell even I didnt want to go through that again and create ANOTHER product even though Im already getting results and making autopilot income!!


greg davis affiliateI was talking to my friend Greg.. he coaches me on making money online and hes qualified to do so because he makes around $10mil a year online  and he told me to do something life changing….


Anyway.. we started talking and Greg and I TEAMED UP and now were bringing in money HAND OVER FIST

Here’s how it works

You set up a system to get people to a site where you can resell somebody elses stuff ..

We use THIS because:

THEY have created all the products for you..

THEY do all the selling…

THEY do all the follow up..

THEY do all the customer service .. 

THEY handle all the support questions..

THEY do all the training and fulfillment and EVERYTHING ELSE ..


We literally just set up systems to get people to their site and THEY do all the heavy lifting for us.. ( when people see this video they sign up )

Basically were telling people and getting paid..

how to make $5000 a day


We need more people to help up with this system and were willing to TEACH YOU

But this isnt for everyone

So let me tell you who this is NOT for

1. People who have no desire to succeed

2. People with a negative attitude that won’t listen follow instructions and don’t believe in investing in themselves or listening to qualified coaches

3. People who don’t know how to point and click a mouse watch videos and ask questions

You have to have some stuff in place for any of this to make any sense..

1. You have to have a couple hours a day to dedicate to getting this set up at first

2. You have to be willing to listen and do what we tell you (and we of course agree to only tell you stuff that’s in your best interest )

3. You have to be able to afford to invest in resell-able products that are in alignment with your goals so you can flip them online like we do

Anyway if you think you fit the description and you want to work PERSONALLY with myself and Greg

Here’s what you need to do next ..

Click here and sign up and one of us will contact you PERSONALLY for a 20-30min strategy session where we game plan and design a strategy for you if you so you can move forward with us

King David
PS. Because we will be WORKING WITH YOU PERSONALLY spaces are VERY limited. You can invest in this on your own but the personal coaching is only for people who fit the above criteria. CLICK HERE to join right now

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